All Right, Gonna Make Some Changes

Written By Dan Loosen
November 1, 2010

As you may have noticed if you stop back at the site regularly, after I updated the site with the article talking about why I missed an entry, I proceeded to miss not just one more entry, but like five of them.  Whoops.

October is a crazy month for me always, and trying to keep up with everything is nearly impossible without trying to write three articles a week.  The good news is that it is now November, and we're done with the October craze.  But, we're about to launch, or realistically have already launched into the upcoming Midwest Gaming Classic craze.

Although the Midwest Gaming Classic and GOAT Store Publishing are really two completely separate entities with little overlap beyond GSP promoting the games that we release at the MGC, since they both share two really important resources (namely, Gary and me), it means during the big lead up to the show that we have to make decisions about what to do, and while I will say that we make it a priority to finish developments or talk with developers, I can make no guarantees about me trying to find time to post regular articles about GSP during that time.

And this year's Midwest Gaming Classic is going to require a lot of time and energy to put together, but it is also going to be an outstanding event we think.  It's our 10th Anniversary, as we started the event first in 2001, and it's amazing to see how the event has grown.  In 2001, the event was Atari Jaguar Festival, and we drew just under 100 people to that.  For last year, we drew 3600 paid attendees, not counting kids 12 and under, filled more than 30,000 square feet of space with gaming stuff, held some incredible tournaments, had some industry luminaries speak and more.  And, for our 10th Anniversary we're doing our best to improve on absolutely everything that we've ever done.

The biggest reason for my lack of updates was I was completing the details for a tour last week that will go to Stern Pinball and ParTec, Inc (two of the largest arcade factories around) and GameWorks to play arcade games, as well as eat and hear what it is like to run an arcade.  It should be quite the trip.

But, this is the GSP web site, so you probably don't care that much about that, or if you do you should really head to the Midwest Gaming Classic web site and find out more there.  So, for now, I'll leave this article here, and I promise that I'll start something brand new and GSP specific this coming Thursday, as I'm going to switch to Monday / Thusrday artiles for now.

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