The Future of GSP... At Least the Web Site

Written By Dan Loosen
September 20, 2010

I was coming up with a new topic to write about today, and I realized that I traced the origins of GOAT Store Publishing in quite a bit of detail last week, so the next logical step to make would be either to talk about 'where we are at'. But, realistically where we are at is a pretty easy thing to see, we have a web site and have produced some games and whatnot, so I decided that instead, I wanted to share with you a little more about what the future of GOAT Store Publishing is and where it stands right now.

But, I'm not going to write about how we are going to keep working on projects or how we will be announcing something new next week (although, we will be announcing something new next week - a week from today in fact), instead I'm going to just quickly lay out the plans that we have for this web site and the plans we have for it over the next few months.

If you visited right as we opened and came back today and had a super great memory, you would notice a few things different already. We've toyed with the color scheme a little, and we got the broken email thing fixed right away -- oh yeah, and we just emailed out a huge discount to people on the mailing list. If you're on the list, you have until Sunday to take advantage of this offer. If you're not, sign up and we'll send you the details on it one last time this coming Friday.

But we've only just begun to make all of the changes that we are planning on doing to this site. We are working on creating a way for GOAT Store members to comment on the articles we post. We're working on updating the blogging features so that you can very easily search for articles that you want to read and find out lots of great information that you want to find out about GSP. We're also working on updating the contact information so that you can easily contact us with questions about projects you are working on, or for whatever else you may have.

Of course, we're also working to update content. We're in the process right now of getting more screenshots, packaging shots, and other cool information for each game that we have. We're working with developers to bring you more details on the passionate people who have created the incredible experiences that you can get from their project. And, I'm figuring out just which of the GSP stories are interesting enough to type out and publish. Judging by the reactions to the stories so far, it sounds like a lot of people would think, "Every one of them!"

What I do know and can guarantee is that this site is going to continue to grow and develop for the next few years as we have more and more information put into it. And we're doing it not because we're expecting a return or even because we're expecting to see a ton of new projects, but because if you are a developer or have ever thought about becoming a developer, hopefully by reading through the stories and experiences of either GSP or the developers that have worked with us, you'll get a good grip on what it is like to actually go through with the creation of a project like this.

So that's the roadmap for the next few weeks and months. With any luck, you'll be able to comment on these stories around the same time as we announce whatever this new project might be... which, I'll give one new hint today for that -- it is a project from one of the developers that we have already worked with, but it is not a project that was created for the same system as the first project was released for.

With that... check back on Wednesday for some new fun stuff, and I'll try to come up with a new hint too!

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