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Title: Feet of Fury
Author: Cryptic Allusion, LLC
Genre: Arcade / Dance
Players: 1-2 Players
Status: Released
Release Date: 2003.06.07
MSRP: $14.90

With Feet of Fury, Cryptic Allusion has taken the idea of a "dance game" one step further! Play songs from various genres using one of nine selectable characters and your controller, dance mat or even your keyboard in the unique Typing of Fury mode! Do you have what it takes to become the Feet of Fury champion?

    Quick Facts:
  • Feet of Fury was the first game released by GOAT Store Publishing
  • Feet of Fury can be played using a regular controller or dance pad. It can also be played using a keyboard in a special 'Typing of Fury' gameplay mode, one of the only Dreamcast titles to still support the Dreamcast keyboard.
  • Cryptic Allusion, LLC wrote the KallistiOS development environment that was the preferred development environment for many independent and homebrew Dreamcast games
  • A limited edition soundtrack was produced for approximately the first 100 sales that the game had. This soundtrack was included free with the game purchase and featured different remixes of many of the game's songs
  • A few songs featured on Feet of Fury can be found on the 2009 Mad Peet release Irides: Master of Blocks


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