Our Story

GOAT Store, LLC was created by Dan Loosen and Gary Heil in 2000, and registered in 2001, as a way to provide gamers with a place where they could purchase items for their retro systems that were difficult to find in stores after they had been unsuccesful in working with another company to develop and release products for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar consoles.

In 2001, the company hosted the first Midwest Gaming Classic, then called "Jagfest 2K1: Beyond Tempest." At the event, they were introduced to some of the amazing work that independent developers were creating for consoles that many considered "dead". Following the event, GOAT Store Publishing was created as a way to help independent developers bring their creations to fruition, and using the GOAT Store's distribution network to help promote and sell those creations.

Today, GOAT Store Publishing exists to help independent developers produce quality products for retro gaming systems with no risk. The pair used their experience as a developer to create a system that was beneficial to the developer and fair to themselves, and which creates a team for the production of titles.

If you are interested in working with GOAT Store Publishing on a project, please contact us [link]. Note that GOAT Store Publishing does not create content, nor do we accept game or product ideas if the person or group making the suggestion cannot produce them.

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