Work with Us

Do you have a project that you'd be interested in working with GOAT Store Publishing to bring to market? Check the following things, and if it sounds good please contact us!

GOAT Store PUblishing does not have set terms, instead we tailor our plans around you and the product that you are creating.

You must be the owner of the material or be able to create the material you wish to have us produce. GOAT Store Publishing does not create content, we produce, promote and distribute it. If you do not own or can not produce the idea, please do not contact us and suggest that we do it - unsolicted ideas will be thrown out. If, however, you have an idea to make a product, even if it is in the early stages, we'd be happy to hear from you.

We do not under any circumstances produce "hacks" or "reproductions" of other games unless it can be proven that the other party owns all rights.